<aside> 🧃 JUICE is a collective working to disrupt the incumbents in the music industry. We believe the market for music is undervalued because the incumbents are unable to adapt to changing consumer preferences. Disruption is both necessary and inevitable.


The statements below, made for artists, founders, and investors, explore the ideas that contribute to our worldview.

  1. Music is not a product. It never has been.
  2. Music creates a tremendous amount of value, we lack imagination in how to capture it.
  3. Copyright is not a reliable business model.
  4. Where disruptors must ask the disrupted for permission to disrupt, disruption is impossible.
  5. Blockchains allow artists to design and support an infinite number of bespoke business models concurrently, NFTs are the platform.
  6. Not all fans listen to the music, but all fans are valuable.
  7. Serve the niche audiences and markets today that will be tomorrow’s mainstream.
  8. Anything that can be replicated by an algorithm, will. Increasing value in whatever cannot.
  9. Build products and services that put money in the hands of Warner, Sony, and Universal—you got no JUICE.
  10. Build products and services that compete directly with Warner, Sony, and Universal for artists—all JUICE.